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Lace Trim

Lace Trim Multi Color 10 Yards Black 3/4" Vintage R107E Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Ribbon Trim Lot Scrap Quart Bag Filled Doll Clothes Embellishments Costumes


Vintage Gold Embroidered Lace Edge Trim Ribbon Costume Decor Applique DIY Sewing


Stretch Navy Blue Embroidered Border Lace Trim/Sewing/Lingerie/Crafts/6.25” Wide


Scalloped Vintage Ivory Cream Lace Trim, 10 Yards x 1 Inch, Great Doll Dresses


Embroidered Multi Color Lace Trim 3 Yards Cotton 1-1/2" R43 Added Trims ShipFree


10yds/lot 9cm Chainette Fringe Dance Costume Lamp diy Curtain Tassel Lace Trim


Vintage Taupe Lace Trim 14 Yards Scalloped 3/8" Picot N40D Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Vintage Blue 12 Yards x 7/8" Floral Doll Lace M40 Added Trims ShipFree


White Eyelet Lace Trim 1.5" wide - 5 yds (or more) - cotton ruffled eyelet *NEW*


10M Vintage Floral Lace Crochet Fringe Jacquard Ribbon Braid Trim Fabric Crafts


9.5Y 8CM Elastic Lace Trim Ribbon By the Yard Stretch Ribbon Headbands Clothing


1.97"*3Y Water Soluble Lace,Embroidery Venise Lace Trim in Pink+Greyish Green


Gimp Trim Green 6 Yards Rosebud Chain 3/8" Lace R80 Added Trims ShipFree


Victorian White Hand Crochet Lace Trim Floral Cotton 1 yard 6" wide


3D Flower Beaded Leather lace Trim for Neckline Hair Accessories Millinery FL236


Stretch White Lace Trim 3 Yards x 2-3/4" Beaded Sequins RK Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Taupe Galloon 2 Yards Floral 6" Bridal P31 Added Trims ShipFree


4.5 yards, 1" Rose Floral Venise Lace Trim, See Available Colors


Pink White Lace Trim 12 Yards Scalloped 1-1/8" D24C Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Blue 12 Yards Floral 1-1/8" Scalloped O36 Added Trims ShipFree


10 yards embroidered eyelet Lace White 4 1/2" wide Trim Sewing same day ship


Black Lace Trim Stretch 12 Yard Floral 3/4" Galloon I24B Added Trim ShipFree


4.5" inch Wide, Beautiful Flower and Leaf Venise Lace Trim, 2 Yards


Woven Trim Green 10 Yards x 1/2" Picot Lace M106 US Made Added Trims ShipFree


Ivory Lace Trim Vintage 5 Yards Beading 1/2" N09A Added Trims ShipFree


2Yard Pearl Beaded Lace Trim Vintage Mesh Crystal Ribbon Sewing Hem 1.18'' Width


Vintage Mint Lace Trim 3 Yards Picot 1" Lime Galloon M01B Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Yellow Embroidered 5 Yards Organza 2" R00G Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Black 12 Yards Scallop Vintage 1-1/2" Floral P12A Added Trims ShipFree


Satin/Organza Double Layers Pleated Ruffle Lace Trim DIY Sew Wholesale 25 yards


Lace Trim White Scalloped 12 Yards Floral 1" Doll Lace E43 Added Trims ShipFree


Lace Trim Rose Galloon 3 Yards Bridal 7-1/2" O71F US Made Added Trims ShipFree


2 Yard, Lace Trim on Organza, Pearls and Clear Sequins, for Bridal, Christening


Flat Lace Trim 3 inch Wide beige Natural 6 Yards Sewing Crafts Vintage LOT 75


Lace Trim Plum 11 Yards Scalloped 2-1/2" Wide Roses H20E Added Trim ShipFree


3/4 Detailed Butterfly Venise Lace Trim, 5 Yards


Venise Lace Applique 5" Medallion Dress Trim price for 10 #1524